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IDC door systems are individually designed to meet and exceed each projects specifications. Whether your requirements are for twenty foot opening heights or for those in excess of ninety feet, IDC has the door system to meet your needs.

Hangar Doors

IDC hangar door systems are individually designed to satisfy the unique specification parameters for each project. We are able to meet your project demands, regardless of height, width, electrical classification or design loading requirements. To date, IDC has fabricated doors for opening heights in excess of ninety feet and combined opening widths greater than one thousand feet, but we would be pleased to have your next job expand those limits.

Blast Doors

IDC blast door systems encompass a wide and varied range including both Navy and Corp of Engineer standard door designs. For over 30 years IDC has developed hardware and operator systems which have been shop and field tested and proven to be highly reliable and durable.

Specialty Doors

IDC has been involved with providing many types of unusual and complex specialty door systems for the past 30 years. With our experienced design team and state of the art manufacturing facility, IDC welcomes the challenge to work with you on any such specialty door requirement.

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