IDC - Hangar Doors - Consulting


IDC offers a comprehensive fee based door evaluation service. Our experienced field technicians will perform an onsite door inspection and generate a report of the findings, along with recommendation for repairs and upgrades. Budget estimates will also be provided for evaluation.

Our engineers go to extremes to deliver a door that can do the same. Let us take you through each stage of the process ensuring your door system is not only reliable and well-built but also fits your unique specifications.

We help clients with the following:

  • Identifying the specific functions and requirements for each door.
  • Documenting the specifications for the building process.
  • Providing detailed budget analysis and proposals.
  • Complying with engineering & electrical requirements for each specific job.
  • Providing hangar door inspections, written evaluations, budget recommendations.


We’re prepared to help you think through the strategy of your hangar and blast door needs.